No BS Coaching with Baz Porter

Own your own BS...
Work towards a bigger vision for your life...
Be the leader that people look up to and love.

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Baz Porter

Own your own BS...
Work towards a bigger vision for your life...
Be the leader that people look up to and love.

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Hi I'm Baz, If you’ve found my website, you’ve likely reached a good degree of success in your life… AND deep down inside you know there’s a much higher level of success that you haven’t tapped into yet.
Throughout my life, I've met 1,000s of highly successful people. Within a few minutes of speaking with them, they make it clear that they are in one of two categories.

Successful Group #1

Living by someone else's definition of success

Most successful people I meet are running on a script for success they didn't write for themselves. They’re unknowingly living up to someone else’s expectations, whether it’s their father, society, the environment they grew up within, or a parental figure.

Successful Group #2

The leaders we look up to and love

These are the people who are the true creators of their own destiny. They’ve clearly defined what success, impact, and fulfillment looks for them, and live by the their own rules. These leaders make it so they are highly productive, and reach for huge goals while they make it seem so effortless. 

If looking at these two groups you find yourself leaning towards 'Successful Group #1'… I’ll share the simple thing that’s stopping you from getting to that next level of success. You ready for it?

You have a lot of BS in your head

Pretty simple right? 
Probably more interesting when you know what BS means. 

BS stands for Belief Systems… You know, the ones that you picked up from your upbringing, your parents, or your environment. The ones that are causing you to sell yourself short, self-sabotage, play safe, put off building your dream while you focus on someone else’s, or just feel like there’s an upper limit to what you can accomplish in your life or business.

Those Bull$&@# belief systems are sneaky. If you don’t give them a hard look, they become a wrecking ball where you achieve a fraction of what you know you’re capable of. You may even feel exhausted, like you try a bunch of strategies to break through to that next level, but nothing works.

I (Baz Porter) would like to be your BS surgeon to cut all that out of your life. Over the past several years, I've coached 100s of people that include everyone from professional athletes, and actors, to CEOs and entrepreneurs. 

Looking back at HOW I was able to create these life-changing results, I discovered that there’s a 4-part framework that I bring each person through. If you and I work together, this is how I’d support you.

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The Work 

No BS Coaching with Baz

In the time we spend together, I’ll cut past the noise to expedite the outcome you want to see in your life and business. No fluff, filler, or wasting time… The way we work together is designed to get results. I only work with people who are ready to make leaps and bounds in their personal or professional lives.

True Vision

Excavation of your Greater Purpose

Here’s the truth you may be hiding from… You have a deeper purpose. I don’t want you to hide from it anymore, I want to help you re-ignite that purpose. This excavation process will help you get to what I call ‘True Vision’, where you’re no longer operating on someone else's BS vision for your life, but you’re climbing your own Mount Everest.

Upgraded Roadmap

Your Hero’s Journey

Everyone tells you to model the world’s most successful people. There are things you can learn, but the reality is that no two people’s paths to success and fulfillment are the same. You have unique gifts, and a way of operating in the world that, once we tap into it- you start marching to YOUR Unique Hero’s Journey (not anyone else's). 

How You Live Each Day

Operate from Innate Power

Your power is boundless. You’ve had times in your life where you were ‘tapped in’ to your true power and felt unstoppable. My goal is to work with you were being ‘in the zone' or ‘tapped in’ becomes a regular occurrence. Where you know exactly what you need to do to get there, and you know how to operate from that state, and sustain it. 

I’ve been blessed to witness so many people’s lives transformed through this process. I’d like you to experience first-hand what it’s like to work with me, so I’m willing to offer you a 45-minute No BS Coaching session at no cost. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​On this coaching call, we’ll…
  • Start to tap into your True Vision to figure out IF you were to follow your own script and not anyone else's… what breakthrough success would look like for you.
  • Discover the major roadblocks that are getting in your way of achieving that big goal.
  • Identify the (seemingly) small changes you can take now that will give you the greatest leverage to  gain progress towards your goals each work week.  


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My goal for you is not just to have the ‘evidence’ of success in your life but to help you become that leader that you know you have the potential to be. I want to help you get to a place where you are...
  • Living a higher quality of life
  • Spending more time on the things you love
  • Spending more time with people who give you energy

Even though you’ll be busy building your life’s dream, it feels effortless when you’re not running on someone else’s BS script but are charting your own path.

Don’t spend another week letting the BS in your head be in control. Over the long term, that can lead to a low ceiling on your financial success, or even worse- a sense that you didn’t create what you were capable of with your life.  

I want you to evict all that BS in your head holding you back. Let’s start doing that on a 45-minute call with me.

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