Are you ready to unlock your highest potential? 

To Grow, Achieve, Thrive and be Empowered?


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Using Trauma  To Thrive

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Start living your full potential life today.


Baz &
Nicola Porter

Baz & Nicola are a dream team.  They were divinely guided together to support people on their journeys.

Each of us have a gift from the divine essence. When we can apply this, we can truly change the world. 

Are you ready to unlock your highest potential? 

To Grow, Achieve, Thrive and be Empowered?

With coaching, courses, and inspirational speaking events with Baz & Nicola...

On a mission to inspire, empower, thrive and create unity.

Start living your best life today.


You deserve complete confidence, unconditional self-love, total understanding of yourself, and an action plan for your life goals.

Creating coaching goals and personalized action plans for each individual. Baz & Nicola work with people to tap into their highest potential.

Baz & Nicola's coaching uses frank discussion of their past experiences, to offer first hand understanding, compassion, guidance and support.


They have a uniquely developed approach, emphasizing a process of self-discovery and accountability.

Are you ready to unlock your highest potential? 

To Grow, Achieve, Thrive and be Empowered?

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With my message for the masses, I have become a highly sought-after motivational speaker with unprecedented wisdom and charismatic grit.


My candid story-telling and expertise in "Using Trauma to Thrive," has touched the souls of audiences around the world.

In telling the tales of my journey to self-discovery and the strengthening of my gifts, audiences leave with a sense of hope, tools for success, and a new-found passion for becoming their greatest selves.

K. Fork

Baz is truly a blessing to have in my life. I am very thankful the universe brought him to me!

K. Morrow

Baz is truly one of a kind. He has insight that goes beyond merely a keen perception.

Baz has changed my life above and beyond anything I ever understood and prayed for.

Right from day 1 I have felt a special connection with Baz and I feel this is because he genuinely loves and cares about people when he enters their lives.

Ashika Prakash

M. Hastings

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A Million Dreams Foundation 

"The Million Dreams Foundation," was formed with the intention of elevating its members into the operational organization responsible for directing the foundation itself."

Finding deeper spirituality is the driving element of well-being.

Consistent meditation and reflection gets you there.

Daily meditation and self-reflection its what will support your growth.

Reliability | Loyalty | Commitment | Open-Mindedness | Honesty | Compassion

These are the core values that we will use to support you on your life's path. We pride ourselves on our desire to be of the utmost service to humanity and find peace in conducting our day-to-day life.

"Love and live life the way that Divine Source Energy wants you to live... freely and in a place of unconditional love for all."

Using Trauma to Thrive

"Use what breaks you to build you"

My life experience has taught me how to navigate through adversity. Using Trauma to Thrive uses my journey to teach others to thrive. I want to share the light with millions.

Part memoir, part self help, Using Trauma to Thrive is my message of hope for a world that needs it now more than ever.

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