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To get you from SURVIVING To THRIVING!


I am here to serve you and to help you live a better life, through personal growth and an elevated state. My work with you is to help you thrive. To enhance and create even more success in all aspects of your life.

I am Life & Business Strategist Mentor, Inspirational Speaker and Author. I have had the privilege to serve thousands of people while assisting them to find success in their lives.

My story began when I served as a British Army soldier. After my service, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I overcame depression, anxiety, addiction, and homelessness.


Whether you are looking to grow as a person, expand your business or just want to live a better life, it is an honor to support you to reach your goals.

My unique unorthodox style has been formed over 25 years of experience in serving people globally. I don't believe in only one form of mentoring. I have a unique blend of strategies to serve you at the highest level. 

I listen with

 unconditional love without judgment. I ask intentional questions and challenge you to step into the best version of you to THRIVE.

You deserve to live the best life possible.


What Are People Saying!!

Always There For You

Michelle Kressin

What I love about Baz, Is that he is never too busy to take time to listen and talk. I've known Baz for years and the encouragement, compassion, and inspiration he gives me is never-ending. His core value is love and everything he does is always focused on helping me become a better person. He is so heart-centered it radiates out on everything he does. I'm thankful, so so thankful for Baz.

Absolutely PROFOUND

Jane F

"He comes from a place of profound knowing without ego."

Talking About His Own Trauma Changed My Life

Savanah Stockberger

I’ve worked with Baz and I’ve been inspired by the talks he’s given and watching him work with people and their battles, and talking about his own has really changed my life. He captivated me with his words and for so many people he’s built a great community and following and continues to change the world every day. He has so many talents that he’s learned from his own experiences and the desire to help people change their lives like he’s changed his. I would 100% recommend getting behind him and hearing his story and what he can do to help you with your battles.

I'm Blessed

Richard S

Baz is a coach and mentor like no other. He zeros in on the specific challenges of his mentee and delivers incredible insight and value to help overcome our limiting beliefs. I'm blessed to be coached by Baz Porter.

Baz has changed my life!!

Melissa H

Hello and Blessings to All, Baz has changed my life above and beyond anything I ever understood and prayed for. His truth, honesty and loving communication is like NO Other person I have ever spoken to. If you want help in knowing who you really are, what your essence truly is and discover who you are deep down inside. This is the man that can help you beyond belief. Thank you Baz for all that you do, have done and will do.


PTSD Using Trauma To THRIVE

Baz Porter's extraordinary life experiences have taught him how to navigate through the depths of adversity. Now, in his upcoming book Using Trauma to Thrive, he teaches others to do the same. Told in a frank, conversational style, Baz provides both personal experience and actionable steps to prove that recovery is possible and life can be rewarding. A message of hope for millions of people, potentially, that there is light always at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t see it. One part memoir, one part self-help, Using Trauma to Thrive is a message of hope for a world that needs it now more than ever.