Our Story

My life feel completely apart.

That is when I began putting it all back together. That is when I realized what I knew all along. That every broken part of me was a piece of the puzzle and that I possessed the unique ability to help others see that too.


Baz Porter

In 2004, after returning home from serving in the British Army, I attempted to begin my next chapter. While I was looking ahead, PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety and depression were trapping me in my past. However hard my afflictions fought, something within me kept pushing me to surpass the moment. That something, I would soon come to understand, was a gift I had possessed all along - the gift of helping people come into alignment with their true-self and who they are meant to be.

I am a renowned speaker and motivational coach. I teach awareness and understanding of universal laws, other dimensions, new paradigms, and quantum energy for healings. Using my knowledge to guide people like who are willing to strive for their ultimate potential, I pass on these techniques to individuals, corporations, and both small and large groups.

As a result of personally integrating my life, I have learned how to navigate through the depths of adversity to inspire and create breakthroughs. The energetic ripple-effect created by my individual and collective teachings have been noted globally. With my upcoming podcast and new book, I look to continue to grow my community of enlightened people.

Nicola Porter

With an M.A. in Psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, I pride myself in being an intuitive energy healer. My mission is to inspire by providing spiritual guidance through the teaching of

self-awareness, self-love, and personal insight.

I provide energy healing and guidance through work in reiki, the Akashic records, and spiritual coaching. I have practiced and taught ancient Mayan energy healing techniques. My work is transformative in facilitating deep emotional and physical healing.

My passion is to combine traditional and holistic practices and to meet and assist clients with the utmost love, light, and compassion.