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Baz Porter

Are you looking for a new Mentor/Life strategist ?

You deserve to live the best life possible.


Baz Porter is a renowned inspirational speaker and life coach who has helped thousands of people find peace in their lives.


His story began when he served as a British Army soldier and after his service he was diagnosed with PTSD. He overcame depression, anxiety, addiction and homelessness.


Despite the hardships Baz faced, something within him kept pushing forward and his gift for helping others align with their true selves would soon come to be his calling.

Baz uses his many gifts, including as a Divine channel to support people from a higher perspective.

Baz Porter's mission is to help you live your best life possible through coaching, that will give you the tools to stop being stuck in old patterns and start living purposefully.


He will guide you on how to bring more joy into your life by identifying what truly matters most so that you can make positive changes that last!

His mission is simple!

 To help people live better lives through personal growth and an elevated state.

To be inspired by what they learn from him, just as much as he has been inspired by those before him.