Facing Your Fears As An Entrepreneur

Everyone I have ever talked to who is an entrepreneur has had to face their fears. I have had to as well. I want to share with you some techniques I have used to meet them. The first step is not to be in denial.

You have fears even if you don’t readily acknowledge them. They sometimes take the form of that chatter in the back of your head that says you can’t do it.

Fear is such a vast issue preventing people from becoming entrepreneurs.

I have heard from the CEO of a real-estate-based network marketing company that even though he has people packing out company seminars, maybe 2–5% of people will go out and apply the knowledge by putting offers on real estate. He is convinced that the rest are paralyzed by fear. Here are some of the techniques I have used as I learned them from the entrepreneurs I know:

Think about what you do want. When you find yourself spinning the wheels in your mind over and again about your worst-case scenario, turn it around and focus on what you DO want. Visualize yourself getting what you want. See the new house. See yourself talking to the interested person as they become a part of your business. You get what you focus on.

Change the voice. When you hear yourself telling you that you’re not good enough, you will fail. Find ways to encourage yourself and keep going.

Voice them to a trusted friend or associate. Hopefully, you have been able to find some level of support from at least one other entrepreneur. You need some support network from your team, upline, or corporate that you can talk to. Some people may tell you it is silly; you could even believe you’re not good enough. However, please don’t seek support from all those people who doubted you and told you it was crazy to go out on your own. They will never understand the entrepreneur.

Have a personal development library. I draw tremendous support from my library. It is not just filled with how-to resources but also stories of others who conquered their fears. I couldn’t begin to list the many sources I have, but if you book a free consultation with me, I can recommend something based on your description of your circumstances.


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