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So you're probably wondering who I am and why I'm surrounded by butterflies and crystals. A few of years ago, I was traveling the world on donations. And I ended up in California. I spent the last three days of my trip in America in California, with the person that I now call my wife. Her name is Nicola. And this is our office. She's a spiritual healer, reiki master, and much, much more me,

I'm something a little bit different. I'm an inspirational speaker, and also a veteran. Being a veteran, you may not really understand why I got butterflies on the left of me, crystals on the right. This is all to do with a vision that I had many years ago, to help people. And I help them be with speaking to them be with supporting them, mentoring them inspirational speaking, but I'm not a coach. I'm not somebody who has been trained in an art.
I'm just like, you. Little secret. I'm just the same as you. Now, there isn't any more to give apart from my heart to you.

Because I've been where you are. I've imagined everything possible. And I've created everything I have today, from a rucksack. Traveling the world was awesome. But Nicola truly changed my life. This person I call my best friend, my business partner, the one person the world I fully trust. She is now my wife. You can change your life, not by traveling or doing anything silly like that. And that story, I'll tell you later. But by believing within yourself, by believing within something that's inside you, that drive to go forward. That's the drive you're looking for. I like you was lost, probably not knowing which direction to be in. I'll tell you a lovely little secret. You're not alone. And this not aloneness means you're a part of a bigger family. And I found out myself when I was traveling.

California I call my home now and the world is my playground. It is something more and it starts within you. It's the belief system. You're believing in yourself. You're believing in something you cannot see. But it's there. Don't ever, ever let anybody show you or tell you otherwise. Because the belief system is where it all starts. I'm not about manifesting.

I'm not about changing your destiny or changing your life. But you are the most valuable thing on this planet. And it took me 15,000 miles of belief to really know that. And a lifetime of depression, PTSD, homelessness, anxiety and addiction. Don't make the same mistake I did. Change the belief system with him and end up in somewhere you call paradise

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

Jun 27, 2022