If we say thank you to everything that the Universe sends to us for our healing, everything will be more fluid, and we can only get positive results.

Say Thank you Universe!!

By loving all the parts of ourselves that need our love and attention, by treating them gently, we are stepping more and more into the heart-centered consciousness that is the consciousness of the New Earth. Instead of going to war against the ego (ie: Freud’s “kill the father") what if we transformed the "we must kill the ego" of the old spiritual paradigm. In the new paradigm, we see the ego as a child in pain who needs love. Instead of trying to annihilate it, which is impossible, we gently integrate it through the Light of our Consciousness. I refer you to my article entitled "Integrating the Ego, a Key to Self-Love". 

In the new spiritual paradigm, we also stop believing that we have bad karma if undesirable things happen to us or if we have done something wrong, everything that happens to us is decided by our soul before and during the incarnation and we always have the free will to change the story line. We are all Masters of our Destiny. 

This is also the case for the Law of Mirroring. The outside world is certainly a mirror. If we use this concept to berate ourselves by frequently saying, "I attracted this. It is a mirror of what is unresolved in me and what I have done wrong. Please forgive me my father for I have sinned!” we quickly fall back into victim-consciousness and believe that we deserve to be punished. 

Yes, the outside world is a mirror, but the mirror works both ways. As light workers, we are a mirror of humanity’s future evolution. As a therapist, I am called to help people who have similar wounds to mine but also wounds that I have never experienced. If I said to myself every time that I work with someone, “This person is a mirror of my unresolved wounds”, I’d be in trouble! These people reflect the wounds that I have transcended so I can help them now. It's the same in our lives in general. When we have done the work on ourselves and have evolved spiritually, then when we meet people who share the same wounds or patterns, it is not necessarily because ours remain to be healed. It is often a simple reminder that shows us exactly what we have healed from our past and therefore enables us to reflect to them their possible future. 

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

Jun 27, 2022