So, how do we know if something outside reflects something unresolved in us?...

It will trigger an automatic emotional reaction from us. 

In the new spiritual paradigm, those of us who are empaths are also responsible. Generally, empaths strongly feel the emotions of others and can find it difficult to tell the difference between their feelings and those of others. As empaths in the new paradigm, we accept to feel these emotions but we know how to take what belongs to us and leave what does not. We leave aside the “savior” or “martyr” aspect of "I will take the suffering of everyone on my shoulders." We serve and lead by example and see our path of healing and inner resolution as a way of helping liberate the collective. 

In the new spiritual paradigm, we differentiate between judgment and observation. The state of observation is the natural state of the soul; a meditative state where one observes one's reality without having to put labels on it or to give one's opinion. One simply observes what is and what happens inside. Judgment is very subjective and one of the tools of the ego. Of course, we all have an egoic mind and we all judge the situations in which we find ourselves. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to judge, but we often judge in a programmed and unconscious way. In this new consciousness, we are invited to become aware of our judgments and self-judgments so we can finally see if they are useful. We can ask ourselves if they do good or if they harm us or others. 

If we have an ego, a personality, we have a certain subjective perspective on the world. Even when we reach enlightenment the ego does not die; that is another outdated belief from the old spiritual paradigm. If it were true, there would be no more body. We are merely aware of what belongs to the ego. If we fully let our soul shine through, it will lead the dance. 

The new spiritual paradigm is about becoming gentler with ourselves and others as we learn to love and heal our wounds without blaming the outside world. This leads us to incredible empowerment, strength, and freedom. We are the masters of our lives in all areas. We have the free will in every moment to either feed our Light or feed our Shadow. We learn to watch and comprehend the world through the eyes of the heart and not with the eyes of the mind.  Through the heart, we are allowed to anchor this perfect LOVE that we truly ARE and radiate it to the world. To guide the world, we must first remove ALL that obscures our own vision in order for us to become our own guides and our own healers. 

Now that the old paradigms and timelines are dissolving… What comes next? 

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

Jun 27, 2022