The Powerful Exercise For Gratitude


In this video, I'm going to share with you a powerful exercise for gratitude. This is an exercise that I use with my mastermind clients and it's a great way to set your day up for success. So if you're looking to increase your success in business or just in life in general, then you want to watch this video!

All right, I want to talk to you briefly about gratitude. It's a buzzword at the moment. You hear many people in the coaching world, in the business world, etc. Talk about this word gratitude.

But what actually is it? Gratitude is an emotion, the emotion behind thankfulness. And people say to themselves, I'm grateful for though hear them say I'm grateful for, but there's no emotion with it. I'm gonna take you through a quick exercise right now.

That I really want you to feel in your heart, in your belly, in every fiber and cell of your body, gratitude for something. Two seconds, close your eyes. Take a nice, deliberate, intentional breath in, into the nose. Hold 123 and breathe out all the way out. 54321 now in your mind's eye in the forefront of your mind, I want you to pick something that you are grateful for. family member, a loved one a situation something that is true to you. It could be anything. Hold it a vision in their mind's eye tween here. And I want you to bring that picture down to your heart. And I want you to feel that emotion of love, compassion thankfulness within you feel or expand outwardly. Send it to a neighbor.

Send it to someone you know or not have seen someone for a long time sends it to that person you don't speak to you very often. And send it with love with the intentionality of feel the gratitude fill up of what it is you actually have. Send it out to the world. See, gratitude is that feeling of emotion of love, unconditional love for what you have.

Many people focus on what they don't. When you don't have something, focus on what you do have it'll change your whole life. And I'll go into that in just a second. But focus and spread the gratitude and the emotion of love thankfulness unconditionally outwards

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