What is the Crown Chakra?


The many chakras within us are there to help guide our way.

As humans, we cannot fathom the sources of these communications and intuitive that come from Ultimate Intelligence or God's infinite knowledge base; but they exist as an integral part in how I communicate with you through this reading.

The Crown Chakra is one such source- communicating direct access into your soul where no human has gone before!

Inspiring and educating today's episode is all about the crown chakra.

Located just above your head, this sacral point connects you to divinity through communication in which both parties are able be exercising their infinite intelligence.

For yourself or on behalf of others. Lucky enough we have an inside source that can teach us how!

Let me tell ya what I know…

The third eye allows access into other worlds beyond physical sight, however there’s no need look anywhere else when spirit speaks right here comes wisdom from deep within souls itself.

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - My Best ten 

Jun 27, 2022