What is the Third Eye Chakra?


Inspire, Educate & Encourage. Yes. So another episode for me, I'm Baz Porter. This one is about the third eye probably one of my favorite topics. Because there's so much, it's so expansive.

I'm going to share some brief knowledge with you today what it actually is. I believe and I've come to know through my own experiences.

Third Eye is blue or white, depends who you're talking to! It also is located just above your eyebrows here, or that's the way you feel it, you're physically feeling it. In actual fact, it's called a pineal gland, and it's located from in the center of the brain. It's exactly in the middle of your head.

It's less than two millimeters, and is the communicator and receiver to higher and lower self. More about that later.


This is the receiver of conscious and subconscious thought, from what we call the infinite intelligence. It translates it. It's so important when you're going through spiritual awakenings, learning about all this, and understanding the intuition of self.

You are the creator of your life. And this is an aspect of creating it.

The energy brought through is the infinite intelligence and translating it through a third eye into the physical manifestation of what it is to become.

Welcome to your journey of spiritual awakening!!

This is a key element to unlocking the power within you. Until the next episode, have a good day. Wrong!!, have an amazing day on purpose and be safe.  You can feel the presence of your third eye by looking in this are above and between both eyebrows.

It's also known as The Eye Of Shiva, The Gate To Aerosphere's or just simply "the Pineal Gland".   This small little spot is responsible for converting light into chemical substances that create our sense experience on earth - it makes you see colors!

Unfortunately though.

It may close up if we're not careful enough with ourselves so keep safe Keeping an active lifestyle while staying hydrated helps prevent deposits from closing off any pores which could lead.

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