The Signs of Ego

Let’s consider the Signs of Ego and the Stages of Dissolving Ego for a minute.

As humans, we are only busying ourselves when we “try” to let go of things. Doesn’t it feel better to just own the knowing that it is more productive to simply love and accept what is and what will be?

Instead of trying to identify or bury what is perceived as a problem, quiet your mind and consider setting the intention to experience it. When you are off-track and focusing on your conscious awareness of an experience which has manifested, recognize that it is not a true part of you. Instead, acknowledge it as an expression of your soul.

Our awareness can become blind to thought. A conscious thought can arise as an attempt to get ego to form a projection onto something, but if you take a few moments to observe what is happening (and just allow it to be) rather than to automatically allow random thought to arise, your thought will have time to surface as Soul thought rather than aa a typical egoic thought projection. 

When you have strong moral judgements about something, replace them with acceptance. What is perceived as “wrong” or “right” does not exist. It is just the ego’s attempt to judge. When this happens and you accept what is, you will find that the ego is replaced by acceptance. When people disappear from your life, you can use that opportunity to create more space within your 3-D being. The person doesn’t disappear; you have simply removed him/her at the soul level as a step in your Process of Ascension. This is a more accurate representation of what is truly going on. 

When you strive to “be somebody” ... that is ego.  Avoid egoic involvement by continually striving to be the best person you can be every single day. YOU are important and YOU are enough just as you are

The concept of time and personal evolution is linear, an egoic program that continues to run within us. There is no such thing as time. The less we feel that it is up to us to create the ‘story’ or ‘life’ necessary to satisfy our ego, the less time happens for this. If you allow ego to rule your life, you will step into a way of being that reflects an expectation of somebody else… not the desire of your true soul. 

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Blessings Baz 

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