Using Trauma to thrive

"Use what breaks you to build you!!"

Using Trauma to Thrive uses my journey to teach others to thrive. I want to share the light with millions.


"Part memoir, part self help, Using Trauma to Thrive is my message of hope for a world that needs it now more than ever."

"My life experience has taught me how to navigate through adversity.

The universe has awoken me to a purpose a calling. 

Now I use this message to inspire others!!




Alexa Pro

Trying to overcome Trauma /PTSD? This book by Baz Porter is one of the best self help books I've read this year.


Danny Nightingale

Baz and his story is so inspiring. This book gives a teaching and actionable tools to support in your recovery. He is truly an amazing force in the fight against mental illness and PTSD.


steph chap

Beyond grateful for your gift of the book and the way you’ve chosen to positively share it with the world. Thank you.


Samantha Lane


You helped me through some of my darkest days. For that I’m forever thankful! You took the time to sit and listen to me, told me how great a person I was. For that I thank you Baz. You're an amazing person.

Now available as a download, paperback, or hardback book.

"Allow yourself the time and space to recover..."