Master Healers Course

Together our healing energies combine to create a powerful influence - male hand opposite

Baz Porter has supported thousands of souls on their mission to support humanity. Baz is an extremely gifted energy channel who can help you strip away the illusion that others have led you to believe through a variety of proven methods.

Baz Porter, an expert in helping people with their missions to support humanity and themselves both individually and within business ventures, wants everyone reading this page because they've realized it's time for action now is the next step towards your own personal journey as well as improving one’s professional life by stripping away what seems like common knowledge (e.g., "It will be better if I just do things how my peers tell me."). Baz believes there are many illusions.

In just 6 weeks, you'll gain a stronger connection to your own physical and emotional body through weekly one-hour phone sessions. These will be recorded so that we can review them together within 24 hours after the call ends. The course is intended to teach you about this balance between our minds' connectivity with our bodies using ancient spiritual healing techniques .

Course Structure

Week 1 - Will be a deep dive into the origins of energy healing to give you an awareness and understanding of energy healing. This is to ensure that you are in alignment with the knowledge you are about to receive. My aim is to give you access to sacred information in the shortest time possible. 

Week 2- A healing manual will be provided. We will start looking at aspects of yourself, identifying patterns of behavior to be healed. The intention is to bring you into a full comprehension of yourself.

Week 3- We will look at your Source connection and the strengths of your life path. Direct integration of DNA information between Source and your conscious mind will take place. Gain awareness of the emotional attachments that have played a role in your life while using that experience in healing yourself and others during the healing process.

Week 4- We will dive deep into the human body, looking at the emotional and physical connections of illnesses. Teachings of energetic healing techniques will begin and continue through weeks five and six.

Week 5- Receive teachings of ancient healing techniques.

Week 6- Focus will be on the integration of all course content. Ask those lingering questions while moving forward on your journey with confidence and pride.

Once you complete the course, Baz promises that celestial beings will help to integrate the intense energy within your 3D body. In addition, he also offers email and phone support during emergencies. 

A 262-page manual describing everything in our physical bodies is included with this program and emailed out once you sign up and make the deposit.

The meditations are tailored specifically for each part of the human body, but don't worry because they're guided!

We'll be accessing knowledge stored deep inside DNA so we can start integrating these high energies from extraterrestrials as well. After completing all 264 pages of this life changing book. 


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