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Triumph Mentorship Program

Are you ready to take command of your world? To align with your higher purpose, and to fulfill your heart’s desire?  Ready to start now!

When you take this unconditional love journey, making this commitment to yourself, your life will change. Baz will be working with you for your highest potential. Your soul is calling now, and it is time for you to begin a new journey.

First, you must lead yourself home and to who you truly are. When you do, the Universe aligns. You can then bring others with you and guide them into their greatness. You can play your part in awakening consciousness in yourself, others and raising the vibration of the planet. You have the gifts, talents, and abilities to facilitate yourself and others to be magnificent, amazing beings.

So, you too can have the joy, fun, success, magic, health and wealth that you so richly deserve! It all starts with one step forward, and in the right mind set!   You CAN have it all and triumph!

Imagine this has already happened. 

       A new life, with a new career.

       To have your soul mate in your arms.

       To heal from all illness, you have experienced.

       To discover the secret in attracting the finances you want.

       Finding your true-life path and living it.

Pause for a moment…. How does that emotion feel?

This mentorship will give you clarity and awareness of this relationship, along with opening new channels of awareness and building a strong foundation for you to move forward in your life with a oneness connection.

“Triumph!”  This transformational journey will give you an instant state of oneness.

Your Source Connection - The connection between humans and Source are completely embodied within our consciousness. This is a real connection between you and the Divine.

Unconditional Love - This transformational journey will dive deep within your soul and search for your own inner peace. This is a journey of unconditional love and knowing for all age groups. As your soul is an infinite being and your connection to your life force energy is hidden deep within you. Together we will discover how to set you free.

Trust - You will learn how to trust your intuitions, through your divine connection. Improving your relationships by strong emotional intentions. These ancient teachings are only experienced by Tibetan Monks and usually are taught over a lifetime.

Intention - You will discover on this journey how to reverse negative thoughts into positive thoughts, from people, situations and life in general. The intentions are attracting abundance and prosperity in all components of your life.  

I have traveled the world healing people from all walks of life, with all types of illness. Clients with cancer, broken bones, eye disorders, anxiety, phobia, PTSD, depression, and spinal injuries. My journey started off with an intention. The intention that I set, changed my life. With a little bit of trust in yourself and the right mindset, this mentorship program will change your life.

Questions You May Have


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The International policy maker and co-ordinator for SDG-14 efforts.


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Provide funding, motivation, community focal points and other resources.


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Innovations in Biotechnology & SMART energy etc.


Establishing water bodies as legal entities, enabling communities or other stakeholders to take legal action independently when Govts fail to enforce legislation.


Social Awareness & community motivation.


Awareness, Social responsibility & reporting community wins, events, etc.

Questions You May Have

When are the sessions?

All sessions will be scheduled once payment has been made.

Where is this?

All sessions are via zoom chat audio/video and will be recorded and sent to you via email directly after the call. All sessions will be 90 minutes long unless stated otherwise.

What if I missed the call?

If you miss a call, we will reschedule for another time which is convenient for both parties.

When does the call start?

As soon as you have made payment, we arrange the first call via phone or email.

Do I get other support?

If you require other support, the light Angel is available by phone for emergencies. In all other cases please email him and he will reply as soon as possible, Monday-Friday.

Healing Journey
  • We will look at your path and do a deep divine healing. Bringing you to a level of understanding within yourself, for expansion, connecting with emotions and have unconditional love for yourself and others.

  • We will dive deep into your mental thoughts, tracking them back to give you an infinite understanding of who you are today.

  • Together we will reignite your emotional and spiritual mindset, bringing out hidden aspects, which are currently dormant in your DNA.

  • A tangible plan generated, to give you comfort with your emotions, calm your mental thoughts and overall clarity on your journey of spirituality.

  • Energetic DNA activations to reflect and manifest outward, what is already within you.

  • Setting weekly and monthly goals.

  • Intention setting with emotional thought.

  • One, 30 minute private monthly “growth” meeting with Q & A, total 6 or 12 growth sessions, depending on your package. Scheduled for Monday’s within the month.

  • Energy healing session once a month, scheduled outside of program dates.

  • Tools and principles to remove your biggest blocks, so manifestation is effortless.

This transformational journey together and revitalization of your soul, will bring you into full alignment with your authentic self.  While supporting the empowerment of the higher heart space and elevated vibration of unconditional love and deep acceptance of knowing the divine essence of who you are.  

I am deeply in gratitude to be at your service.            
Baz Porter | C.E.O | 


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