"Veterans matter. People matter.

All lives matter. Humanity matters."


Life happens.

Tragic event and trauma-inducing experiences can happen to anyone. I use my own journey navigating and thriving after PTSD to create my coaching, courses, and events that will help you achieve the life you were meant to. With a phased and focused approach, your journey will reconnect the traumatic images, emotions, and sensations to a safe place...

I will help you to find yourself.  


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Empower Yourself Beyond PTSD: Level 1

Taking Care of Your Mind

Life happens. Tragic events and experiences shape our perceptions of the world and ourselves. Anyone can experience trauma-induced PTSD. I have experienced this first hand. Navigating addiction, depression, and more, I take the time to share and instill insight on how to break free from the many aspects of life that cause trauma, and hold us back. I will teach you how to use your trauma to THRIVE.

Length: 1 class; 60 minutes

Next Course:  Thursday, April 24th


$315 thru 6/6


Empower Yourself Beyond PTSD: Level 2

Building Your Power

Building off of the power you find in the Level 1 course, I will continue to help navigate the path of using trauma to thrive. During this level of the course, I will continue to help empower those who served, as well as civilians gain the knowledge to help break down the stigma of PTSD, and preconceived ideas about the condition. 

Length: 1 class; 60 minutes

Next Course:  Coming Soon



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Army Soldiers

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Move Through Your PTSD

Coming from my own personal recovery and path through understanding of PTSD from my time in the service, I aim to help those suffering better understand how to not just cope with, but move through their own PTSD. Through directed and step by step coaching, I will enable you to redirect your thoughts, emotions and patterns away from negative patterns, into a positive mindset and using trauma to thrive.

Length: 1 class; 60 minutes

Next Course:  Coming Soon



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