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Ascension / Mentor-ship

The Multiverse Ascension Path

Are you ready for an adventure into the Divine Light of the Cosmos?  Where your life is filled with magic and desire, your soul is nourished, and the Divine Being in you manifests into the physical, your highest, true incomprehensible Universe, in all forms of Source energy.

Your mind cannot comprehend or understand what your heart already knows. It’s time to take the first step into your new life and invest in yourself.  There is nothing like being in charge of your Divine Universe.

Being at one with heart, body, mind, and soul.  Come join me in this select group of souls in order to awaken and embrace what’s already within.


Short Bio

After being awoken at a very early age, having a diverse upbringing, Baz delved into spirituality, having been a natural intuitive all his life. Baz’s gifts include: Mediumship, Angelic Channeling, Energy Healing, Multidimensional Code Keeping, with the awareness and capability of accessing grid systems throughout Gaia. This also includes channel and portal gateway Keys from this Universe, along with having access to multi-dimensional angelic knowledge, which he gained by years of study and learning from numerous spiritual teachers, including a world-renowned monk Shaman from Nepal. 

After another major awakening in 2016, Baz has now been guided to pass on the knowledge that has been given to him and integrated over years of study. Baz was then sent on a global journey in January of 2019 to help heal individuals and groups all over the world. He is now offering to transfer the knowledge given to him to a select group of individuals who are committed to help heal not just themselves (in this dimension), but also, to eventually pass on this knowledge to others.

Baz is currently touring the seven continents, healing individuals and groups, teaching, holding seminars, and guiding individuals as he travels. He has now been guided by angelic sources to offer these master course group sessions on-line, keeping this course understandable and relatable.


Baz will be mentoring eight students in a year-long program. This mastery course is a life-changing investment, and a once-in-a-lifetime offer. It breaks down spirituality, the multiverse, your core beliefs, and an understanding of Divine awareness! 

Baz’s goal as your mentor is to assist you in unleashing your truest potential. 

Multiverse Ascension Path Master Course Mentorship Program:

My aim as your mentor in this course is:

  • Gain an Understanding of the Principles of Spirituality

  • Gain Knowledge Beyond Your Conscious Mind/Awareness

  • Enhance Your Current Gifts and Abilities

  • Energy Healing Techniques

  • Healing Self and Others

  • Emotional & Energetic Support

  • Gain Access of Universal Laws

  • Mastery of All Psychic Abilities

  • Complete Awareness of Your Power as an Infinite Being

  • New Perspectives of Energy

  • Time and Space Continuum

  • Teleportation Ethics

  • Teaching of Quantum Frequencies and Vibrations

  • In-Depth Insight of the Journey and Purpose

  • Alchemy

This exclusive year-long package is designed and tailored for you and your personal needs for: Acceleration; Mastery to home; Transforming your current gifts. This course ultimately aligns you into a multiversal awareness within your divine being.


The Course Layout For The 12 Months


        Module 1 (Month 1)

  • Understanding the Spiritual Awakening Process and Reasons Why

  • Meditation

  • Meditation Chakras

  • Cleansing and Purifying Your Soul and an Overview of Health Habits

  • Balancing of Energies

  • Connecting with the Soul

  • Understanding of Unconditional Love

  • Your Own Reality Awareness

        Module 2 (Month 2)

  • Feedback of the Course 

  • Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Letting Go of Control

  • Trusting Your Path and Intuition

  • Ego Transcendence

  • Inner Child Healing [Includes a one-on-one 2 hour session]

        Module 3 (Month 3)

  • Balancing and Understanding the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies

  • Removing Blockages and Attachments

  • Raising Frequency and Vibrations

  • Developing & Enhancing Intuitive Skills

       Module 4 (Month 4)

  • Current Life Healing (Includes a one-on-one 2-hour session)

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Energy Healing Activations

       Module 5 (Month 5)

  • Understanding the Divine Counterpart (Twin Flame Journey)

  • Laws of the Universe

  • Manifestation of Positive Situations and Circumstances

        Module 6 (Month 6)

  • Understanding the Law of Attraction and How to Appropriately Implement it into Your Life

  • Awakening Your Divine Skills, Hidden Within Your Subconscious

  • Past Life Healing

  • Coming into Union with Yourself [Your Soul’s Divine Purpose]

  • Congratulations, You’ve Made it Halfway!!


        Module 7 (Month 7)

  • Creating Your Own Reality

  • Activation of Light Bodies | Divine Healing


        Module 8 (Month 8)

  • Mastery of Elements and Energies (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

  • Mastery of Above Chakras and Connections to Other Dimensions


       Module 9 (Month 9)

  • Opening and Closing Portals

  • Transcending Divine Healing to Gaia

  • Mastery of Gateways Between Dimensions

  • Healing Yourself Through Divine Light [Light Angel Activations (Includes A Whole Class Group Meditation for Activation)]

  • Module 10 (Month 10)

  • Keycodes to Gaia and Other Dimensions [Activations of Angelic Light (Includes A Whole Class Group Meditation for Activation)]

  • Activation of Sleeping DNA

  • Removal and Replacement of Negative Entities and Attachments

       Module 11 (Month 11)

  • Accessing the Higher Realms of Consciousness for Healing

  • Quantum Upgrades

  • Mastery of Psychic Abilities, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyant

  • Mastery of Divine Vortex Integrations

       Module 12 (Month 12)

  • Multidimensional Travel and Being Aware of Your Missions

  • Teaching of Key Codes

  • Mastery of Energetic Teleportations

  • Communication With Advanced Lifeforms 

  • Teaching of Sanskrit [The Lost Language (Includes A Group Session Teaching)]


Communication Between Mentor & Students: Private Facebook Group & Private Chat Group & One-on-One Private FB Chat with Mentor for Support.

30 minute Private Consultation: Every 3 months = 4 Private Consultations in Total Over the Whole Mastery Course.

Weekly Handouts & Homework.

Flexible Emotional Support, Telephone & In-Person [I will travel to you].

Free Attendance at Mentor’s Live Seminars within the USA.


  • Deposit - $15,000

  • Option One - payment of $60,000 | Saving $15,000

  • Option Two - 6 payments of $14,166  Total cost $85,000


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