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A Million Dreams 

Uniting Humanity One Person At A Time 


A Million Dreams Foundation

Baz Porter is on a mission to create unity, social impact and change in the world.

He believes that everyone should be equal with balance, starting within themselves.

To do this he supports the education, 3 daily meals for everyone, sustainable living environments, and financial freedom.

Through his model of social Impact where every person will receive back 10-fold what they put in. 

A Million Dream Foundation has been created to serve humanity at the highest level.

Reliability | Loyalty | Commitment | Open-Mindedness | Honesty | Compassion

Take it one step further by acknowledging your own abilities to make a positive impact on others because you have already done so once before!

It does not only offer something for everybody but also gives each person something valuable in return for their contribution towards building such a sustainable global community.

Financial freedom through equitable and sustainable means. "A Million Dreams Foundation" is based on the premise that an individual can make a difference and their contribution towards "A Million Dreams counts!

A Million Dreams Foundation is organization that provides resources for people to live their lives with joy and lightness. We provide workshops, retreats, and other events to help people learn how to be more mindful in their daily life. Our goal is to make the world a better place by teaching others how they can find peace within themselves.

From its humble beginnings, The key philosophy underpinning the foundation is 'Give a man a fish; feed him for today. Teach a man to fish; feed him for life'.

1  year of meditation increases your well-being by 80%
90 days of mindful balance increases your happiness by 75%
90 days of Self Love  increases your vitality by 67%
 It takes 90 days for 100%  transformation within you!

You deserve happiness! Come join us at our membership where we will show you how you can achieve inner peace through meditation and mindfulness practices.

It doesn't matter if it's your first time or if you've been meditating for years.

Everyone has something new to learn from this experience! 

We'll also have inspirational speakers who will share their stories of overcoming adversity so that you know that no matter what happens in life, there's always hope.

Live With Purpose & Passion!

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Reliability | Loyalty | Commitment | Open-Mindedness | Honesty | Compassion

These are the core values that Baz uses to support you on your life's path. He prides myself on my desire to be of utmost service to humanity and find peace in conducting my day-to-day life.

"Love and live life the way that Divine Source Energy wants you to live... freely and in a place of unconditional love for all."

Join Baz & Nicola in creating an amazing community intended to simultaneously change both our world and humanity.

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Live With Purpose & Passion!

You are Limitless

The power inside of you is limitless.

But how do you access that magic?

By practicing mindfulness and reaching for greater self-awareness.

Learn how to access your inner power whenever you need it through daily mediations.

This is his way of assuring that it remains run by the people, for the people. The members are therefore able to be current with the pulse of what course content is desired or required. The power within this organization is designed to rest with its members.

Baz's humanitarian vision is the first of its kind. The long-term intention support of society the world over, as well as the growing community of people who require assistance due to homelessness, starvation, alcoholism, or addiction.


This work is a labor of love for him. 

Baz knows personally what it is like to hit rock bottom after leaving the military with no emotional, spiritual, financial, or mental support.

He is building a community intended to impact growth, change, and harmony in the world. It is both an honor and a privilege to guide you through this journey. 

"The Million Dreams Foundation was formed with the intention of elevating and creating social impact.

For the unity of humanity and all responsible for directing the foundation itself."

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