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     Baz was aware of his intuitive gifts at a very early age. Along the way, he has discovered that his abilities can help people find their true self as humans of light, bringing them into full alignment, with who they are meant to be. He is a channel from the global consciousness and what he calls the Angelic realms. He has visions of future events with specific grid references of longitude and latitude. He knows things before they happen, such as earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, and so the list goes on. His abilities allow him to see into the lives of others’ future events. When he meets people or touches them, he sees their lives as a “slide show,” the same when he touches small and large objects and walks into buildings. He is deeply attuned to the energies, vibrations of things, sees in colors and uses it to guide them to move past trauma, and life blockages.

Through his teachings, individually and collectively, he will create a ripple effect globally. This also includes teaching others how to be in tune with the Feminine aspects of their soul. He has witnessed many to be stuck in the matrix of their own world. Over and over, he has seen a lack of awareness that we all have the same power and capability (potential). He has very specific knowledge to share, to awaken their souls and facilitate the start of creating their own paradise.

Simply stated, he has a dream to help support, heal, and awaken, to pass on Universal knowledge and inspiration, to help people on a massive scale, with the intention to be One within ourselves, in peace and in harmony.

At a very early age, Baz was bullied at school, as he was different and saw things like no one else. He couldn’t understand until now why he was like that. He joined the British Army, where he was deployed across and all over the world on operations such as the Falkland Islands and Iraq. He experienced some horrific things, including his own near-death experiences. It was also during his time in the forces when he had another profound awakening, which he couldn’t understand at the time. 

After leaving the army in 2004, Baz became a D.J. in Cyprus Ayia Napa, where he became alcohol dependent, due to PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, and depression. He has now completely overcome this dependency through self-healing. He began his awakening journey which continued throughout the years without him truly being aware of it. After returning back to the United Kingdom in 2011 and having another breakdown, he went through his deepest, most intense awakening experience. At the time, his life fell completely apart. He was no longer the person he thought he was, again, seeing things differently than ever before. For three weeks, he was curled up in a ball at the end of his bed. His clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience opened him up to new realms of the Universe and to infinite possibilities. He was bleeding at the ears and nose, and thought he had lost it all. At that point, a voice inside of him suggested he share his story, speak his truth, and share who he was with everyone.

He tried to suppress these gifts and carry on his work as gardener, trying to hold down a nine-to-five job, but the Universe had other intentions for him. The more he tried to suppress it, the feelings became more intense and came on even stronger. After about a month of this, he went public on Facebook, creating his page, The Light Angel. He began sharing his story with friends, and speaking his authentic truth, which he could no longer hide. This set forth a change of events, leading him to this life changing journey. He began his spiritual healing work on social media and began to work out in the open as a Medium, Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking. He continues to be contacted by people to help guide them on their journey.


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