Collective Energy Update

Updated: Jul 19

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to all the new soul family!

The divine energies are now being integrated and the world crystalline grid is in complete Divine alignment. The major portals have just opened, and the energies are now taking effect over the next few days.

Some of the collective are becoming ill with a vibrational flu or a test of their core belief systems, bringing them into a new paradigm of their ascension. You are leveling up towards this beautiful new energy that is now becoming integrated.

This is a huge awakening process, but like all processes of moving into the light, there has to be some darkness as well. You are purging old energies, which is what the sickness is all about.

As a collective, we are facing the start of a new age with celestial support. Divine beings have been sent to assist you with a mass awakening. They are now here among us, as they could be sitting next to you as you are completely unaware of them. However, you do not need to be, as they are on a high frequency and are in full mission mode, as you soon will be too. Bringing the light of higher dimensions to earth. Aligning the earth into oneness of the multiverse.

Divine Light

My Divine friends, yes you!!

Soul family, your love is now being held in the highest light in the cosmos. For love is the highest frequency and the purest. This is the frequency we are aligning into, collapsing timelines and dimensions into the oneness of the present moment.

For your thoughts, keep them high and live in the gratitude of knowing that you are the divine. You are in full purpose of assisting with the dimensional task of bringing pure love to earth and living that pure vibration every day of your physical life.

Let go of the illusion that we are not already in the 5th dimension. For you! Know in this very moment, you are living in the 5th dimension. Rejoice, be happy, and most importantly, be completely in love with your life.


Baz Porter



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