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Deception Within Spirituality

Everyone has their own experience, their own unique journey throughout this lifetime. Spirituality and discovering the limitless potential you have within yourself has unfortunately developed a negative connotation with some due to trust being put in the wrong hands. It’s time to dive in and experience what it’s like to love and live life the way that Divine Source Energy wants you to live… Freely, and in a place of unconditional love for all. By doing so, it’s possible to take your bad experiences with spirituality, the broken promises and the deceit from people pretending to be something they aren’t and change your mind, experiences and your life!

It’s time to bring this element of spirituality to light that has previously been left in the dark. There are individuals out there who are primarily focused on gaining the name recognition associated with guiding others into self-awareness and enlightenment, which is counter intuitive to the work that those claim they have been called to do. This is your journey of enlightenment, your time to awaken… Choose who you allow as your guide carefully. Your ability to heal and improve your circumstances comes from within, give yourself another chance at living life to its fullest potential and work with a thought leader whose dream is to help support, heal, and awaken as many as possible.

Baz Porter’s mission is clear and simple. To guide awakening souls into self-awareness, self-love and to provide the foundation for a strong spiritual base. He approaches every interaction from a space of unconditional love, respect, and pure light. The core values of reliability, loyalty, commitment, open-mindedness, honesty and compassion are the foundation that Baz uses to support you on your life’s path. His angelic nature and innate peacefulness only confirm the way he conducts his day to day life, priding himself on his desire to be of utmost service to humanity.

This is a personal mission for Baz, after suppressing his gifts for far too long, he hit rock bottom and was hit by an energetic 2x4, if you will. His gifts became stronger and his calling became clear. Baz’s dream is to help support, heal and awaken as many as possible and the energetic ripple-effect created by his individual and collective teachings has been noted globally. He strives to pass on universal knowledge and inspiration with the intention for all to be One within ourselves, in peace and harmony. To assist in this dream, Baz created the A Million Dreams Foundation. As a veteran who knows first hand what it’s like to hit rock bottom with little to no resources after serving for your country, he created a community that the world was missing. The A Million Dreams Foundation is built on community and is run by the people, for the people, to create a sense of Oneness amidst a world that feels uncertain.

To learn more about the A Million Dreams Foundation and working with Baz, please visit www.bazporter.com.



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