How to be at peace with yourself and others!

Is calmness possible and how important is it to be in harmony with ourselves to cope more easily with all the experiences that life brings us?

These are questions we often think about when we come into a certain conflict with the environment and when it seems to us that we were able to react calmly and in a much better way than we did in a state of affect. Many holy people thought that it was very important to always maintain inner peace, because that is the only way to save all those around us who are not at peace. It’s easy in theory, but in practice it seems a lot harder. Every stressful situation can be perceived in several ways depending on our inner eye.

That eye knows how to be a ruthless critic, but also a silent observer. Likewise, when someone is unjust to us and attacks us, our first reactions are anger, and rage. In those moments, no one even thinks that those who attack need love the most. The attack is always carried out by the one who is not at peace with himself. When we understand that, everything becomes easier, but this should not discourage us. Peace is not achieved overnight. Indeed, true calm is difficult to achieve completely.

People complain about this and that, and in fact none of us understands that what we call reality is actually a mirror of what is inside us, and you have that wonderful sentence of Father Justin who says "Everything is pure for the pure". And when you meet such a man - everything is nice to him, everyone is good to him, he sees an angel in a prostitute, he sees a good man in a criminal, he sees a castle in a ruined house, while on the other side you have a person who doesnt see value in anything, he can have towers and cities, the most wonderful family, and power but nothing works for him. The world is the mirror of our inner being. Alway keep this in mind.

Only after you accept and understand all your negativities and give up your vanity, you will gain peace that cannot be measured with any other pleasure. The best way to achieve this is through self-reflection and some of the ancient eastern techniques such are meditation or yoga.



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