Spirituality The Process of Staying in Balance

Let’s consider spirituality and the process of staying in balance. Every thing and every one is equal. This is regardless of gender, creed, color, or religion. Expand this to also include age, weight, foreign or regional accents, sexual orientation, perceived disabilities, and on and on. Spirituality is all about freedom and the unrestricted expression of our true selves. It facilitates and encourages exploration within ourselves and reveals the necessity to take responsibility for our own actions when standing in our Truth . All of our various forms of expression, our choices and decisions, and our actions create the life we live.


It has been said that spirituality is a form of exploring the unknown. It embodies the quest to know the unknown or perhaps to simply remember it once again. In these acts of remembering those long-forgotten parts of ourselves, we realign the energy systems within to create chains of events for our highest good. Let us remember and speak the forgotten truth that spirituality seeks no recognition of the physical, nor the race, color, or religion reflected in the presence of any human. Spirituality is our Divine Freedom to express our Divine Thought freely and openly.



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