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People has been asking for their personal awakenings and planetary change for nearly 2,000 years. Our pleas have been heard and NOW is time for the acceleration of the energies which first introduced Ebola and SARS to shake up the world. We are now in the Age of Aquarius, an Age of Change; a time for Truth to be revealed in order for multiple levels of rebirth to happen.

The events currently taking place are very specific and for a divinely orchestrated reason. All that is happening is designed to naturally integrate the energies and vibrations within us and re-spark what has already been integrated. It’s a difficult time: a challenging time which encourages us to come together as a soul family and be truthful about who we are as we embrace the changes that are occurring. A big leap in consciousness is being energetically offered so that people can grow in the awareness of other things which are happening multi-dimensionally to re-introduce calm, harmony, and balance within and throughout the entire world.

We are being called to pay attention to the different pathways which are being revealed to lift limitations and our belief in them. We are multi-dimensional beings and as such, there are no limitations, as there is no time or space. Those are all just an illusion. The time is now to allow and accept the true knowing of what is actually occurring within the planetary alignments and within the solar system to once again bring back heaven to earth.

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