Unlock your true potential and achieve dreams sooner with quantum healing.

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Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing is a method of energy medicine that removes all energetic barriers within the quantum field, which allows our emotions and thoughts to heal us naturally.

In its natural state, the body vibrates at a particular frequency when all is in harmony; however this can be disrupted by illness or disease if we are disconnected from ourselves internally due to stressors such as negative thinking and emotional pain.

Our mind impacts how our physical health may change over time through consciousness which exists on an unseen level called the Quantum Field a part of physics where everything has various frequencies assigned for it's existence.

When there are disruptions with these frequencies because they're out of balance, illnesses arise like depression or cancer...or any other chronic condition you could think up!

Divine Channeled Consultation

Baz has been hailed as a visionary thinker with much to offer in this New Earth movement. With his words, he speaks directly to the heart of those who need it most. With a natural gift for inspiring others, Baz is quickly becoming the visionary of new consciousness.

Baz is not just a typical channel, but rather he transmits messages from ascended masters and Divine beings in ancient languages.


His spirit guides will translate the words into English to make it possible for us humans to understand them better. In this unique session, Baz has promised that you will learn more about your souls' purpose on Earth!

He speaks to people's hearts and inspires them to be who they really are here on Earth with great humility. He has been giving inspiring channeled talks to elevate consciousness for years. 

Baz Porter
Baz Porter & Nicola Porter

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