Quantum Energy Transmission


Destiny Awaits You Manifest Your Desire

Receive Divine Powerful Energies For Healing & Manifestation 









What YOU Will Receive

Baz is here to serve you! As a clear divine conduit for energy, these powerful transmissions and teachings support you with crystal clear vison of purpose. Clearing blocked energy. Connect with their greater purpose. Relax the body, calm the mind, and clear the subconscious. Activating the body’s natural healing systems.

Benefit 1

Increased Self-Awareness

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Elevating the Collective Vibration of Love

Benefit 2

Regeneration of DNA

Quantum Energy Upgrades

Ascended Masters Teachings

Benefit 3

Release of Negative Emotions

Miraculous Expansion of Self-Love

Increased Psychic Abilities & Awareness

Plus you will receive:

All recording sent within 24 hours of each transmissions.

Series of 3 Transmissions on Monday's-3x/month

Activate Organic Radical Self-Healing.

Connecting With Your Limitless Potential.



Frequently Asked Questions

This is a group transmission channeled by Baz & enlightened beings.

60 minutes. The call may contain moments of silence while energy is being transmitted. 

Access information will be emailed and include a link to connect to your computer or call in on your phone from around the world. 

For BEST results we recommend you are in quiet, safe and comfortable environment with a glass of water near you. Comfortable clothing and be open to receive.

NOTE: Please do not drive during this transmission.

DO NOT be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

People have previously reported having instant Healings, feelings of unconditional love, seeing loved ones, outer body experiences, bliss, joy & tingling sensations, Chakra openings, and more!!

"Baz is so heart centered it radiates out on everything he does. I'm thankful, so so thankful for Baz."

Michelle K

"The next day my mental clarity only grew stronger; with the eradication of my previous thought patterns and physical symptoms. Beyond grateful for your gift and the way you’ve chosen to positively share it with the world. Thank you. "

Steph C

"Baz's transmissions and teachings have brought me more peace and balance spiritually as well as mentally."

Holly H

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