"Stop playing victim to your thoughts.

You are not a victim. You are a leader."

Let me help you find yourself.

Through guided coaching and the same dedicated approach I myself used to navigate and thrive after PTSD, my coaching, courses, and events will help you achieve a life changing shift to become who you are meant to be after trauma. With a phased and focused approach, your journey will reconnect the traumatic images, emotions, and sensations to a safe place. I will help you reprocess brain waves and thought patterns along with the law of attraction to reinforce positive belief. I will guide you to allowing your brain to move naturally to adaptive resolution...

I will help you to find peace.  



Develop Manifestations & Affirmations

Are you ready to let go of all that holds you back? 

To jump into a new adventure?

To explore all the opportunity you have within? 


I have developed techniques that can help reach beyond your current mindset to develop tools that guide you to becoming your own guide. I will be teaching techniques, manifestations, affirmations, and more to guide you through specific laws of the Universe and to channel your energy in your life.


During this course, I will help guide you to see within to impact your life path and goals.

Length: 1 class; 90 minutes

Next Course:  Wednesday, March 10th




Laws & Patterns for Healing & Mindset

Gratitude and Mindfulness.

In this course, I will walk you through the 14 universal laws and 12 core patterns of healing and mindset. Gratefulness is a foundational principle or personal success and well-being. I will teach the power of an open heart, reflection and forgiveness. The course is designed to share the effective affirmations of gratitude and cultivating new practices.

Length: 21 classes; 60 minutes

Next Course: Beginning March 22nd



Emotional Resilience

Stabilize and Refocus Your Emotions

I have mastered the ability to stabilize and refocus my emotion. By gaining control of your emotion and mind, you are able to direct positive into your life and overcome anxiety and stress. The power your emotion can have over your life is overwhelming. Through this directed path, I will empower you to find strength in taking control of your emotion, as well as the resilience to accept growth.

Length: 3 classes; 90 minutes

Next Course: Tuesday, May 4, 11, & 18



Activation Sequence

Awaken the Light Within

Experience the fresh energy of this new 3-call series beginning Thursday, March 11th. My one-hour group calls in this sequence offer a new opportunity to "Come Together as One." This sequence is designed to stimulate one's own ability to go deeper within oneself while simultaneously gaining access to new awareness and awakening

Length: 3 classes; 60 minutes

Next Course:  Thurs, Mar 11, 18, & 25



Spirituality v. PTSD

Overcome Suffering and Recover

During this insightful, informative event, I share the important, hard-earned tips which support successful recovery as well as discuss possible solutions to overcoming the various stigmas associated with this debilitating, generally misunderstood disease. I share my journey from homelessness to personal wellness and success. 

I have vowed to promote better public understanding of the various forms of PTSD and other related conditions. 

Length: 1 class; 60 minutes

Next Course: Monday, April 5th



Day of Miracles

Special One Day In-Person Event

Seize this unique opportunity to experience the expansion of the portals, which are now opening due to the shift caused by accelerated energy. Attendees will clear blocked energy, connect with purpose and become an active co-creator of your life. The “Day of Miracles” event will be a healing journey that relaxes the body, calms the mind, clears the subconscious, and activates your body’s natural healing systems. 

Length: 1 day; 8 hours

Date: Saturday, August 28th

Location: Jamaica Bay Inn - Del Rey, CA



Core Mindfulness

Attract all the good in the Universe

Previously the Divine Soul Mastery Course, The Core Mindfulness course is an intensive event I have designed to assist you in recognizing, identifying, and effectively releasing core patterns that limit the quality of experiences you are able to attract into your life. By learning mindfulness, you will become empowered to take ownership of yourself and your path in a new way.

It is within your reach to attract all the good in the universe and live your best life.

Length: 1 class; 60 minutes

Next Course:  Saturday, March 20th




Principles and Practices

Meditation is a  powerful tool when it comes to your mind and body. The process can be overwhelming to begin. In this course, I will teach you the basic principles of calming your mind and getting in tune with your thoughts. By achieving this focus, you are better able to achieve mindfulness and peace.

Length: 1 class; 90 minutes

Next Course: Monday, April 12th



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