Client Testimonials For R.A.M.S. Coaching By Baz Porter


My name is Richard Schreiber.

I am a husband, father of a special needs child, and autism advocate. I am also the leading expert in helping organizations of any size improve their business processes through the right software solutions.

Before meeting Baz, I was sort of at a place where I was still trying to figure it all out. I did not yet have the confidence, certainty or strength to consistently take the actions I needed to in life and business.

The biggest problem I think I was facing was both a gap in my self-confidence and, ultimately in not knowing the right path to grow my business and accentuate my true expertise and strengths.

Richard Schreiber

I felt like I was never going to achieve the type of success I wanted to because I couldn’t see it happening- I couldn’t visualize that I could indeed happen to me. Prior coaching seemed like empty words I did not have the self-confidence to integrate or take action upon. 

I wanted to create a successful autism event and re-establish my career and expertise as the software consultant companies should want to reach out to for help and guidance. I met Baz at an event we were both at.

I got to witness him do a forceful yet supportive intervention with someone, and I watched as he navigated that person based on their own direction. Later we spoke. I felt Baz, though at first a bit intimidated by his story and intensity, really got me as a person, and I saw some things in me I didn’t see. When he made the offer to coach me, I unhesitatingly agreed. 

 Baz always checks in and takes my temperature and what is in my space and helps me to resolve or talk through the circumstances to resolution before we engage in discussing specific material, such as how to establish myself as an expert in my field. 

Baz always encouraged me to give myself credit for what I accomplished, even though I often didn’t see it that way or allow myself. After my successful event planning of our Autism Expo, I still felt humbled by the experience and uncomfortable accepting praise for a job well done. I was still thinking about what didn’t go well. Baz was able to shift that in me, and now, while we can always do things better, I allow myself to give myself credit instead of tearing myself down and not being kind to myself, a consequence of my ego. 

When I first started with Baz, I didn’t have the belief in myself or self-confidence that I would be able to take his coaching. I’ve been coached before, and that was the case. But he addressed this head-on, and in time, I began to listen intently in his coaching and knew I was fully capable of putting his coaching into action and began seeing real results! I often used to watch the clock counting the minutes until our coaching calls were over. Now, time flies, and I no longer clock-watch. 

The biggest change for me is the quiet self-confidence I have acquired to the point now where I am confident in doing just about anything.

More importantly, when those inner conversations come up questioning my certainty or confidence, I sweep them away. Those thoughts no longer have dominion over me!

My outlook has changed dramatically in terms of “why not me” vs. “it’s not going to be me.” I now see the world as a place of opportunity and that money is abundant and will be mine!

Putting on the Autism Expo in October was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life, and I was able to enjoy it! Baz has incredible knowledge and can lay out the recipe and process for success, but here he gave me enough support, encouragement, and knowledge to allow me to discover for myself what had to be done and that I could do it, and I did it! But most importantly, I came away empowered from the experience to take on the next, bigger challenge. 

Speak to him. I’m an autism advocate, and no two people with autism are the same, just as no two people in business are the same. Baz has the ability to look into your eyes and soul and really get you. There is no formula he applies. It’s your blueprint. He utilizes your life’s experience with a mixture of his coaching for results. If you don’t at least have an initial conversation with him--no strings attached--you’re doing yourself a great disservice!



Hi, my name is Melissa Hastings.

My life has changed beyond anything I ever thought possible. Those changes have allowed me to become more of the person I have always wanted to be and thought but was too insecure and damaged to become. Baz and I have been working together for the last five years with strengthening my self-love, and positive outlook, forgiving the past, and living in the here and now. Since the beginning, possibilities have opened up where I have started new businesses and a blog, and I am expanding from there. My personal relationships have either been let go of, healed, developed, matured or are evolving into new beginnings of another kind. My outlook on life, religion, health, wealth, and learning isn’t anything that it used to be but has evolved into far greater expectations without limitations. 

Before meeting Baz,

I was broken and searching for anything out there to help me fix that ugly feeling inside that had been there since a little girl. All my life, I was told to marry and have babies, that I wasn’t smart enough for anything else. Tried schooling, fast courses, travel, worked, and then married at twenty-three. After sixteen years of this, I started looking outside of myself for a fix by going to seminars, reading books, talking to friends (which was a very bad idea), and then going back to school at forty to make something of myself. I had to go back to school because my profession had changed. My knowledge was obsolete. After divorcing and going back to school, there was a mission to accomplish, my mission. It was to prove to myself there were brains up inside my head and that the person who had said of me that I wasn’t ever going to learn was wrong. So very wrong! Even though this education had been achieved, there was that feeling still nagging me inside. I didn’t know what to do now, but eventually found a person I thought was helping me understand what I wanted, but to no avail. After spending a lot of money and not getting much closer to the answer, things changed. It was then, at one of these seminars, that I met Baz. My life changed from here on.  

My biggest problem was loving myself and forgiving myself for things that were out of my hands or weren’t mine to carry. Letting go of people who had harmed, lied, abandoned, or abused me both sexually and mentally. Through learning how to forgive, my self-love came through that dark mire that kept me from evolving and expanding. It is now that I have and see choices all around me. This has always been there for me to see, but someone else’s fear and conditioning took away my choices. 

Without self-love, nothing else is possible.

My life was crud, a ton of conditioning and looming in the darkness. Finding joy was constantly a challenge. The darkness crept into everything every day in its own imitable way. My marriage dissolved because of it. Eventually, my children didn’t want to be around me for it. This loathing made me miserable deep down inside. But where had it come from? How could it be fixed? Who could I trust to help me fix it? This was a misery all unto itself, my misery. Neither drugs nor alcohol could take this pending emptiness away and fill it with joy and happiness.  

With Baz, there was a glimmer of hope; where there is hope, there is love. My goals were to look inside myself and address the past and all its lies, cheating, anger, deceit, and abuse. And to learn how to heal these things. To learn how to love and forgive others and myself. 

We were at a seminar together.

 Baz had surprised his fiance and showed up unexpectedly. On the last day, I had been a little late getting there, and the only seat available was right next to Baz. Upon setting myself down, it seemed as though a huge gust of energy had come from Baz. So much so that I almost didn’t hit the seat. Then, I leaned over and said to him, “I don’t know who you are, but you just about blasted me out of my seat.” He laughed quietly, and we commenced listening. Later at lunch, it was my mission to seek him out and pepper him with questions. After a few moments and realizing that he could see things in me and ask questions that no one else had, this did it. It was right then and there that my decision was made with no if's and or but’s about it. This was the best decision I have ever made!

Baz’s style is like no other.

He’s quiet, genuine, direct, has no BS, and is a catalyst for thought-evoking questions. The style is all his own and gleaned from his knowledge reaped over the years. Never assuming a position but leaving everything open for self-discovery. Baz is challenging but not forceful. Everything is left up to my choice, not his or anyone else's. When the right decision is made, that's when new doors open. His methods brought me to the point of loving each day and all it held in life for me. If I can make a difference in my life, maybe I could bring joy to someone else’s life, no matter how big or small. 

If you continue to read what I have written, it is very possible to glean exactly what Baz’s effect upon my life. Through His truth, trust, honesty, kindness, honor, and integrity, we have developed my truth, my trust, my honesty, and my self-love. There is a feeling of safety with him, never felt before. A friendship with not only myself but with him. This time in my life is filled with great gratitude for all we/I have worked on and changed in order to let me see all the possibilities at the moment and in the future. Baz, is my “Aha Moment.”

I see nothing but possibilities!

Each day presents new presents, new adventures, and teachings. My positive outlook and gratitude for absolutely everything help me with forgiveness of myself and others on a daily basis. It affects everything I do. Living with purpose and meaning. I no longer look backward and forwards. Affecting others in very small ways in order to make their days better. Self-love puts a new meaning on life, on sharing and giving to others. My fears have dissolved into strengths. Everything is in constant evolution. 

When I am able to self-scrutinize without condemnation, it is a mile marker. When I can be 100% truthful to myself helps me be realistic about what I want to achieve. After putting in the hard work necessary to change, things began to happen. This wasn’t easy by any means! It was gut-wrenching at times. I cried tears that had been locked up for years and years, but it was all part of the process that helped me get to where I am today. Freer, lighter, and in love with life, not battling it. Not dreading which shoe was going to drop next. I can’t wait for the challenge to find the desired result. Things are in my hands now to a certain point where they never were before.  

Baz taught me that there are no NO’s in the world, just that I have to figure out different approaches to get the results. Everything changes in the world; if I want to understand that change, I, too, have to change. Everything evolves. Nothing lasts forever. That’s what evolution is. Live, learn, change, evolve, rinse, and repeat. If you were to have known me five, seven, or even ten years ago…this would never have come out of my mouth.

Baz is the only person who has helped me clear a pathway through the debris so I can continue moving forward in my development process. I knew something or someone out there was greater than what my life used to be. Baz showed me that way. I know that this is an ongoing process and that nothing stays the same. I akin my life to a rose and its unfurling slowly, one petal at a time. Its essence is beautiful-penetrating, its beauty ever-changing and evolving with surprises in store each time it unfolds a pedal. It is my choice as to whether I want to look closely at those unfurlings or not. Baz will be a part of my life and its continued process until I choose to walk my path alone, much stronger, more independent, and more willing. I could do that now but choose not to, for I believe that he has more to show and teach me. To realize.  

Baz is the only one that has seen my past and helped me with the present, only to show and guide me to my future. My nightmares have gone completely, and my strength is tenfold. This man has the ability to help humanity in so many ways that we do not know how he does it. Baz’s energy is boundless. You are safe with him. He has the past, present, and future at hand. Trust him. It is worth every moment spent with him. 

Thank you, Baz, for absolutely everything!!



"Baz has an incredible way of speaking to your heart. Such a pleasure to have been coached by Him. Even on a train, he can deliver pure brilliance. He helped me change my life."



"I have no words to describe how proud I am of Baz's work! He continues to amaze me with his leadership and willingness to make a change in the world."



"With Baz, I have found my voice and authentic expression. He has helped me overcome my depression and anxiety. I am confident in taking on any challenges in my life."



"Baz helped me see my true potential. He can take you to the next level of evolution and help you through tough times. He is very accurate in giving you information to support your journey. Give him a call. You will be glad you did!"



"Baz has changed my life above and beyond anything I ever understood and prayed for. His truth, honesty, and loving communication are like NO Other person I have ever spoken to. If you are looking for a coach, Baz is genuinely excellent. Discover who you are deep down inside. This is the man that can help you beyond belief."



"Baz has a very heart-centered way of coaching, making me feel confident in his presence. He has helped me find my passion and supported me in building my podcast. With his coaching, I have found different ways to innovate my business and blend it with the life that I want to live and how to serve others."



"Baz is an amazing coach and consultant. If you are looking for a true partner to help you get going in the right direction or move to the next level, he is the guy to work with, as he truly has your best interest at heart. Check him out. You will not be making a mistake in doing so."



"Baz is a straight shooter with great advice from years of Baird experiences and successes. He is easy to open up to and has a calming, sincere, yet confident approach to business and life. "



"I give Baz 10 STARS! He is definitely the "real deal"!


Klye client

"Baz has a unique ability to get to the core of what makes you tick in a way that feels safe and secure. Baz has been holding space for me, helping me walk through what would have been tough times. He has helped me deepen my commitment to supporting my clients. He helped me grow my business to over 100 clients a week."


Joe Sabatino

Beyond his extraordinary speaking skills, Baz has consistently demonstrated his exceptional business acumen and consulting abilities. His insights into organizational dynamics, strategic planning, and operational efficiency have proven invaluable to countless businesses.

Baz possesses a rare combination of analytical thinking and innovative problem-solving, enabling him to identify growth opportunities and develop effective strategies for sustainable success. 

Moreover, Baz's professionalism, integrity, and work ethic are second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend Baz Porter as a motivational speaker and business consultant.