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Ashika Prakash  recommends The Light Angel.

26 June at 04:18 · 

Right from day 1 I have felt a special connection with Baz and I feel this is because he genuinely loves and cares about people when he enters their lives. His humility, gentleness and his love is very healing. He’s an amazing person and friend and will give you the best he can. I love every bit of advice he gives and would highly recommend him.

Kelly Morrow  recommends The Light Angel.

25 June at 20:49 · 

I would recommend the Light Angel to anyone who seeks to understand the spirituality that is within each of us. He will bring you answers in a compassionate and completely honest manner. Although humble, he is quite gifted!

Christina Mcclellan  recommends The Light Angel.

25 June at 09:15 · 

He’s amazing, he’s helped me overcome some deep seeded fears I didn’t realize that were still affecting me. 
He’s also been an amazing person and friend to know, he cares with his whole heart about all of us and what he is doing. 
💗💗 thank you for everything! 
If you’re brought to this page and to him there’s a reason, what ever part of your journey you are on he can help.

Emily Smith  recommends The Light Angel.

25 June at 08:24 · 

Baz is so amazing! He helped me to overcome and begin healing from past trauma in one session! I would recommend him to anyone who is hurting and feels broken beyond repair. This light angel knows what he’s doing! He showed me the way free of the dark depression that was taking over my life. Thank you Baz, you’re amazing!

Holly Hubbard  recommends The Light Angel.

25 June at 09:40 · 

This Man Has CHANGED MY LIFE! He truly helped me discover my best self while showing me how to walk in light instead of doubt and fear. I don't know how I would make it without our weekly check in. Thank you for always having time for me and making my life a priority. YOU ARE AN ANGEL! 

Misty Elrod  recommends The Light Angel.

6 June · 

Baz is such a breath of fresh air, hes real and is easy to chat with. If you need any guidance he will show you a way to achieve for your highest good! 
Thanks for doing what you do Baz! I'm thankful that I was shown your sincerity...

Rachel Peacock  recommends The Light Angel.

12 July at 13:45 · 

I had a reading earlier this year with Baz and found my notes from it yesterday. He said that 4th May would be an important day for me. Well, I had a look at my diary and wow! It was only the single most healing experience I've had this year, an amazing grief healing workshop.
There were many other little gems of wisdom shared and great guidance but predicting this date is just amazing! It was such a massively healing weekend for me, one of those times in life when you know the universe has conspired to provide you with everything you need! Thank you Baz!

Michelle Kressin-Gascon  recommends The Light Angel.

18 June · 

I have been gifted, Baz-by the Universe. I love how he takes me as I am. I've always been too much-he encourages me to be more. One of the many things I love about Baz, is his unconditional love and his softness- it lures me out of my hardened heart and helps me see the bigger picture. He's always available and doesn't make me feel bad when I haven't gotten something right .EVERY time after we talk, I feel refreshed and inspired to give life another go. I don't know where I'd be, if he wasn't by my side. The Love that is inside is heart is so real, so true,and so big. I find solace in his words and his kindness and I strive to be as loving as he is. I am so very grateful for meeting Baz!!!!!

Meagan Elizabeth  recommends The Light Angel.

14 January · 

Baz Porter is an incredibly gifted individual. He has helped guide me for several months using his gifts and has shown me nothing but unconditional love. He has an incredible knowing and can see things beyond the scope of this 3-D reality. He always sees the bigger picture, and is using his gifts to help those of us awakening on our spiritual journeys. He uses his gifts and tools to teach us how to heal ourselves and love ourselves, so that we can each create a ripple effect of healing throughout the world. Everything he does and everyone he helps is with the bigger picture in mind, always for the benefit of the individual as well as for the greater good of humanity. Baz is a true lightworker, but he is so much more than that. He is a light in the darkness. He is a guide toward your highest good and your soul's purpose in this lifetime. I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to learn from him and work with him on this journey. Thank you, Baz, for everything. ❤

Celena Chavez  recommends The Light Angel.

26 June at 13:45 · 

What can I say about this Earth Angel, he is real, true, honest and to the point. not afraid to tell it like it is but also already ready to meet you where you are at and push you to the next level of your best, whether it be business, family or love related etc... the Light Angel has a great apt for getting the bigger picture, viewing his clients from not only higher realms but right here in the reality of earth life. 
I have strong spiritual experiences as well as seemingly mundane experiences with The Light Angel. He helped my husband and I through a rough patch during our Twin Flame journey as well as assisting me with my career and personal goals. He's great with people from all walks of life and has also worked with my own mother and children. In our lives he has been a catalyst for transformation, patience and peace with our processes. 
I am so grateful for his service not only to me but to the world at large and to his own growth. 
He is there when you need him and always there with a ready ear to listen. If you have the slightest inkling of wanting to work with him, JUST DO IT!

Andreana Vassallo  recommends The Light Angel.

16 August 2018 · 

I had been very privileged to have crossed paths with Baz. I was going through a very difficult time not long ago and Baz reached out to me as I had felt lost and sad. He was very lovely with his time and kindness that he showed me. He listened to everything that I needed to say and then he offered his guidance and support. He gave me with reassurance, advice and provided me with the peace and knowing that I am truly on the right path. I would highly recommend Baz to anyone who is seeking guidance and also healing. I can now say that I feel at peace and after such a difficult few months feel like things are moving towards a much brighter days. Thank you Baz for all your love support and guidance.

Cheryl Warren  recommends The Light Angel.

31 March · 

Baz Wow Thank you so very Much
I appreciate you ...
after our session i begun feeling so powerful!!..I STEPPED INTO A HIGHER VIBRATION.
All My Love.

Susan Sayer  recommends The Light Angel.

18 October 2018 · 

The Light Angel has helped me to see things clearly, start on my healing journey and connect once again to spirit. He helped to soothe my fears and said it as it was , which was exactly what I needed. Can't recommend highly enough!

Ben Holden  recommends The Light Angel.

13 August 2018 · 

Amazing angel filled with light and inner power to heal and balance us!

Cath Uttley  recommends The Light Angel.

20 September 2018 · 

I would just like to say to whoever is reading this post to take notice! I spent just over an hour today talking with this amazing guy! I began explaining what it was I was going through and very patiently he listened and listened! I was worried that I was taking too long to tell him my story and I was talking as if I’d drank 3 red bulls in a row! Then suddenly I felt a massive sense of calm around me after he said “hey take your time, take as long as you need! At this moment I started to relax and actually hear myself talking and didn’t feel I had to hurry up because there was a time limit! In fact this legend of a man listened to me! He then spoke very kindly and humbly to me! His guidance and understanding was so wise and true to form that by the end of our time talking I found that I had been shown how to feel like me again and understand me and even like me again!
My mind feels clear my thoughts are focused my aura is cleared of low energies that needed to be released and I can suddenly feel the magic coming back into my stomach that I’ve been asking for in order to help me continue writing my Fairy story that WILL be successful in the future! And my first copy when published will be going to this man! Well the second. As the 1st will go to my children!  Soooo guys if you like my read and think you could benefit from some amazing healing or guidance I really do recommend this earth bound angel. Thank you dude this means so much to me and my babies!

Gabriella Angemi  recommends The Light Angel.

1 November 2018 · 

The light angel will be there for you every step of the way. I am so grateful for all the knowledge, guidance and clarity this man has to offer. He will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He is now a part of my journey 

Elysabeth Trout  recommends The Light Angel.

1 November 2018 · 

He told me things about me that I never told anyone. He was also a huge help with a crisis in my life. He also continues to be of help with some things that randomly come up in my life. He helped me trust in myself fully again with encouragement. Donations are welcome but he is worth it because he helps in so many ways and I am happy that our paths crossed. He genuinely cares and wants to help, and I would recommend him every time! Thank you for all of your help! 


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